oOoOO Asia tour

Fresh off a fun run of dates with all the Music by Design artists we end the year with a bang.....two artists that we are super excited to finally be able to bring into Asia. 

First up is oOoOO, a pioneer in the creation of Witch House, oOoOO is making his first foray into Asia after taking a long hiatus from touring.   His live sets are dark and sensual aural and visual sensory explosion.  

- Tour Dates -

November 26th - DaDa - Beijing - w/ Sun Glitters

November 27th - Clockenflap - Hong Kong - Acorn Stage

December 1st - Shelter - Shanghai - w/ Faded Ghost and Serbey Gubka (live pa)

December 2nd - Whiteline - Bangkok

Music by Design presents: HanHan aka Goooose

HanHan is no stranger to Music by Design, having taken part in last years edition.  You can hear the beautiful track he made with Einar Stray in the music section of the SoS website.  We look forward to hearing what he produces this year. 


鸭打鹅乐队成立于2009年,韩涵、三三、熊猫和JB组成,并在同年于弥勒唱片下出版第一张EP "FLOW"。2010年鸭打鹅签约兵马司唱片,同年12月推出第一张全长专辑“SPORTS 运动”,描绘一些与未来/城市/运动相关的较黑暗的影像。经过小规模的美国巡演以及欧洲巡演,2012年底鼓手大门及经纪人Brad Ferguson移居美国。2013年法国人Jean Baptiste加入乐队担任鼓手。2014年初鸭打鹅再赴欧洲展开小规模巡演,之后完成电气化转型,将于年底录制新专辑。鸭打鹅最初的声音受到现代数学 摇滚、电子音乐和七十年代迷幻音乐的影响颇深,但随着乐队的不断进化,如今他们已经成功创造出一种独具特色的电子化的现代声音,这种声音被他们称为 “Future Rock”

Hanhan is one of Shanghai’s most sought after indie-eletronic producers and djs better known as GOOOOOSE or as an original member of the popular Shanghai underground band, Duck Fight Goose.  With a sound that ranges from experimental to more mainstream he is part of the new generation of Chinese producers.


Music by Design presents: Saint Cava

With less than a week to go, we are preparing to kick off the first round of touring, with the first show Weds in Beijing, and what better way to get ready than to feature one of those amazing artists.

Saint Cava.

You might not know who they are, but you should.  You really, really should. 

Saint Cava是由哥本哈根歌手Erika Casier和制作人Andreas Vasegaard组成。两位的声音感染力已经吸引了众多眼球。Erika柔滑的声线穿透过编曲硬朗,忧郁和暗黑的渲染,形成了独特的电子R&B。

去年他们推出了专辑”Bliss”被2015年丹麦音乐杂志Sound Venue评选为最佳前五专辑。他们第一张单曲Forget已经在Spotify上获得了超过一百四十万播放量。 

除此以外,Saint Cava还支持过很多国际著名艺人例如Kindness和Angel Haze,并出演欧洲最大的音乐节Roskilde音乐节。

Saint Cava consists of Copenhagen-based singer Erika Casier and producer Andreas Vasegaard. Together the two have garnered a lot of attention with their sound - Erika’s silky vocals pierce through productions often harsh, melancholy and dark. It is an uncompromising variety of electronic r&b.

 Last year they put out their debut EP ‘Bliss’ which was on the top 5 best releases of 2015 according to Danish music magazine Soundvenue, and their first single Forget has reached over 1.4 mio streams on Spotify.

On top of that the duo have supported international acts such as Kindness and Angel Haze and played Roskilde Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. Things are looking bright for Saint Cava.