Music by Design presents: Dizkar

Continuing our exploration and inclusion of Chinese artists from the farthest reaches of the country we are really looking forward to getting a chance to see Dizkar in the studio and on the stage.  Part of a young group of hip-hop producers/mcs in Kunming they have been establishing themselves and a scene in the Southwest corner of the country.

Dizkar,1993年生昆明人,说唱团体混合杂质成员。2008年开始学习beat制作,2014年在groove bunny records发行实体磁带<Deetape>,并于2015和2016分别独立发行数字ep<Bedroom blue>和<ANOTHER DAY>。


When you think of hiphop, or even Chinese hip-hop you wouldn’t imagine much happening way out in Kunming.  But Dizkar is changing that.  A producer and mc, Dizkar has been creating some of China’s most interesting beats


Dizkar, bron in 1993, Kunming. mc from rap crew Mixed Impurities. he is started make beat at 2008, released first cassette tape <Deetape> in 2014 on groove bunny records. released digital ep<bedroom blue>, <another day>in 2015 and 2016.