Music by Design presents: Lydmor

Our next artist is no stranger to China.  After an amazing tour back in 2014 and short follow-up tour in 2015, Jenny aka Lydmor moved to Shanghai for a few months to work on new material.  Since then it has been a whirlwind of solo gigs and as part of her duo with Bon Homme. 

“LYDMOR”在英语中的意思是“声音之母”。而那些真正亲临过LYDMOR音乐现场的人就会知道这个来自丹麦的电音才女的确是名符其实的“声音之 母”!当她独自一人站在维也纳400人的音乐现场的舞台上表演时,在场的观众中没有一人曾经听过她的音乐,但是她却在40分钟的表演中仅仅凭借一台电脑, 一个键盘和一些电子音乐设备创造出了让他们惊喜连连,大呼过瘾的音乐!

在过去的几年中,Jenny Rossander这位来自丹麦的流行电音女歌手和制作人凭借她独特的电子音乐和活跃的现场表演成功地征服了世界各地的观众。她独特的嗓音也引起了许多国 际知名音乐艺术家的注意,如德国的DJ ALLE FARBEN和比利时乐队ARSENAL诚邀她参与他们接下来的专辑制作;美国的歌手AMANDA PALMER也曾在去年秋天和她在哥本哈根同台演出过。

LYDMOR在2013年曾与许多艺术家有过合作项目,但是她2014年就开始全身心投入到了自己的个人音乐项目之中,并且创造出了一系列具有强 烈节奏和梦幻效果的音乐。继2012年发行了自己的首张个人专辑“A Pile of Empty Tapes”之后,LYDMOR就开始了马不停蹄的巡演,预计今年将会发行第二张专辑。


Behind the curious and quite self-ironic name Lydmor (Danish for "Mother of Sound"), you'll find the 25-year-old Danish singer, songwriter and producer Jenny Rossander. Despite her young age, Lydmor has experienced more than most musicians ever will, having toured most of mainland Europe and Southeast Asia on her own and been on "trust tours" all across the European continent, where she performed, lived and slept in the homes of her fans. She's collaborated with renowned European artists such as Belgium's Arsenal and Germany's Alle Farben and firmly established herself as one of the most promising underground artists in her native Denmark. Now Lydmor is ready to raise her solo career to a whole new level. Fearlessly the young Dane exposes all of herself in the quest of achieving true artistic integrity, and with the release of her new self-titled album, Lydmor has done just that. Stacked with intensity, emotion and personal experience, the album portrays a woman wise beyond her years telling stories of love, lust and tragedy, highlighted by Lydmor's fragile yet breathtaking voice, on top of an ambient and oddly catchy electronic soundscape. Lydmor is truly one of a kind, but to really appreciate her uniqueness, you have to hear it for yourself. Her live show is energy-filled and nothing short of amazing, receiving comparisons to Björk, Imogen Heap and Ellie Goulding.