Music by Design presents: Sonia Ka Ian Lao


In our 2nd year we are super happy to have been able to expand our Chinese roster beyond the mainland with this very talented ambient and dream pop artist from Macau, Sonia Ka Ian Lao.  While Macau may not be known for a thriving music scene, Sonia has been making waves for her ability to put a personal touch on any project she touches....from movie scores to performance art pieces. 

Sonia Ka Ian Lao,从小喜欢音乐,是澳门电子氛围乐团Evade的主音,同时亦是一位独立音乐人,音乐以电子(Electronica)、氛围(Ambient)与梦幻流行(Dream Pop)的风格为主。


    另外,于台湾师范大学中国文学系学士毕业,及华南师范大学中国现当代文学系硕士毕业,多年来用心认真地去进行文学创作,2009年自资出版个人文学作品集-《流心》,文学作品不时刊登于2011年度至2015年度《澳门文学作品选 – 小说卷》、《澳门日报》、《澳门笔汇》、《论尽媒体》等。2011年荣获《澳门每日时报》短篇小说徵文比赛冠军;2016年荣获《第十一届澳门文学奖》小说组优异奖。


Sonia Ka Ian Lao is an independence musician in Macau. She is also a vocal of one Macau electronic band - Evade. Her music style is Electronic, Dream Pop, and Ambient. She is a vocal of Evade. The band is formed from 2004. Also, she is a composer and lyricist in the band. She mainly created the melody and lyrics.