Braids China Tour 2017

Now that the holidays are finally over we are very, very excited to announce the Braids China tour, which we kick-off March 3rd in Beijing for a very intimate set followed by March 9th in Shenzhen at b10 and capping it off with a performance at Spectacles of Sound's Festivus in Shanghai on the 10th.

  Since their last visit to China, back in 2015, they have released their 3rd critically acclaimed album which won multiple awards.  

Live, Braids is a force to be reckoned with – brimming with an undeniably "live" energy, the band combines stunning vocals, powerful drumming, and tasteful electronics, warped and sewn together with widescreen warmth and full-bodied punch.




Marching Church Asia tour

The 2nd tour of December is going to be a doozy of an event.....a true spectacle of sound.   We are super, super happy to announce that Marching Church is making their way over to Asia!

Marching Church is a Danish super group made up of members of highly acclaimed bands Ice Age, Choirs of Young Believers and Lower that has hailed as the 'new standard in experimental rock'.  Their sophomore album was released in October to widespread acclaim, and as one journalist put it....It’s a disco ball in a downtrodden pub that occasionally shines a light on the ashtray angst of early Iceage, while remaining focused on the wider picture.   
Now that sounds like something to see.   

November 26th - Bangkok - JAM

December 1st - Shenzhen - b10 live

December 2nd - Shanghai - Yuyintang

December 3rd - Luoyang - the Roof

December 4th - Beijing - Dusk Dawn Club (DDC)